Calista SA Boerperd Stud

The Stud

Horses have been in the Campher’s blood for a few generations! Great Grandfather Wessel Wessels rode on his Boerperd, Fleur, in 1914, together with other riders from Swinburne to Bloemfontein. Fleur was the only horse able to rode home as well!!

Although we officially registered the Calista SA Boerperd stud in 1999, we always had Boerperd horses on the farm. We chose to name our stud Calista, from the Greek word, Kallistō, a name meaning "the most beautiful."

When we started in 1999 we were lucky enough to get hold of Lang-Carel Amok, an 18 year old Stallion’. He was big, had a good conformation and the most beautiful head to match... We fell in love with Amok and decided that we want to breed more horses like him!

We bought a few Lang-Carel and Rymaar (A2 line) mares and started to breed our Calista horses! At the moment we breed with 15 mares and 2 stallions, Lang-Carel Woema and Vlampie’s Molopo. The Stallions that had a huge impact on the Calista stud are Lang-Carel Amok, Lang-Carel Viceroy and Lang-Carel Woema.

We are cattle farmers and the horses make life on a cattle farm a whole lot easier!

The foals are halter trained and then backed at the age of 3 where we then use them as farm horses. The cattle work teaches the youngsters to be bomb proof, not scared of noises, water or mountain climbing. It also helps with endurance and obedience.
We aim to breed hardiness, endurance, constitution, movement and good temperament for the ultimate pleasure riding experience... We give the horses a chance to succeed in all disciplines. There are about 15 Calista horses up for sale every year.



We started to show our horses in 2002. With a lot to learn we attend one show a year. Currently we participate in 2 SA Boerperd shows a year and our horses also compete at ‘Horse of the Year’.

Horses that excelled at the shows are horses like Calista Denim (Traditional 3 gate champion riders u/11 and u/19, Utility champion, pleasure horse classes), Calista Gelief (Universal u/19 champion riding horse, champion utility horse, show hunter champion, in hand Grand Champion at the Nationals), Calista Jamani (Show jumping winner, Universal riding horse champion, in hand Stallion Junior Champion at the Nationals) , Calista Nevada (in hand champion), Lang-Carel Viceroy (In hand Champion regional’s, Universal riding Champion, Show Jumping, Eventing, Dressage) and Lang-Carel Woema (In hand champion, Traditional riding horse, Single harness).


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Location: Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal